Quality Management

Fully Ingrained In Every Aspect Of Our Business

Performance in CSA A23.1

Canada in 1994 began the process to adopt and is still transitioning to a “Performance Based” model of specifying concrete. The language of CSA A23.1/14 is performance in nature and the language of CSA A23.1/14 still has prescriptive leanings inductive of pre-1994 concepts.

Nu-Way Ready Mix thrives under the performance based approach of CSA A23.1/14 because performance is measurable, performance is documentable, and performance is dependent on many finite details, therefore, those producers who are able to manage all details in the best way will have the best performance.

Quoting to CSA A23.1

"The adoption of a performance approach to supplying concrete and building a structure is an obvious departure from the traditional approach. Recent experience has demonstrated that success is achieved when the owner has confidence in the ability of the contractors and suppliers to meet the performance criteria, and the contractors and suppliers embrace the concept of quality control to the point where the quality control process not only identifies and corrects deficiencies, but provides persuasive evidence to the owner that the required performance will be met.”

In other words, Concrete Genius quotes by CSA A23.1 instead of just one or two variables such as strength to ensure you get quality that meets ALL of the CSA specifications for your project – setting you up to succeed and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards. We strongly encouraged you to ask to be quoted by exposure classes on all your projects to hold all concrete producers accountable to the highest standard.

With respect to CSA A23.1/14, the performance criteria for any project will be:

  • 1

    The project specifications for plastic concrete including: slump, air content, consistency, w/cm ratio, age of concrete, temperature, workability, place-ability, and finish-ability.

  • 2

    The project specifications for hardened concrete include: compression strength/flexural strength as requested, permeability, durability (freeze-thaw, chemical attack, wear resistance) and longevity.

Each of these requirements is measurable, and a producer who has successfully manufactured a product to meet these requirements has fulfilled the requirements of CSA A23.1/14.

In a performance environment the critical aspect is the ability of the concrete to meet the project specifications. To again quote CSA A23.1:

“The advantage of the performance approach is that the contractors and materials suppliers are free to use their expertise, innovative talent, and other resources at their disposal to design and deliver the product in the most efficient and economical manner. This is consistent with the owner’s interest, which is generally to own a structure that will fulfill his or her needs at reasonable cost. In most circumstances, the owner has no vested interest in the nature of the constituent materials or the methods used, provided that the performance requirements are met.”

Leader In The Industry

The Concrete Genius family of companies is becoming globally known as one of the best continuous mixing companies. By becoming a part of the Concrete Genius™ family, Nu-Way Ready Mix has acquired the best emerging mixing technology and determinedly mastered the technology.  Nu-Way Ready Mix understands the priorities for manufacturing concrete. These priorities in the manufacturing process help set our daily activities and establish the priorities for the team members you’ll be working with.

The priorities of Concrete Genius from a quality standpoint are:

Raw material selection:

Selection and quality management of raw materials is the single most important criteria for concrete quality. The Concrete Genius Quality Control program states that all materials will meet the requirements of CSA A23.1/14, and our selection of materials meets all criteria including exposure class C1, S1, F1, and A1 and are certified by third party testing. We have selected and built relationships with our suppliers whereby our raw materials are the very best available in our region. Our choice of suppliers demonstrates our priorities of consistent and quality materials. Because our materials are exceptional, and the consistency is ideal Concrete Genius has the ability to produce consistent reliable concrete for you.

Mix Designs: 

By nature mix designs are scientific and with our ideally graded aggregates, cement content is calculable. Our mix designs effectively compliment project specifications and the needs of place-able/finish-able concrete. Our mix designs take into consideration all factors of the project. What appears to be an over design, is our realization and application of sound all encompassing design methods. We have designed our mixes to perform structurally, but we have also considered the workability and place-ability of the concrete. We understand the factors that cause shrinking; we have designed our mixes to minimize shrinkage as well.


Proportioning of materials is absolutely critical for quality management. Our process is innovative and thereby non-traditional, and it is accurate and consistent. CSA A23.1/14 in table 24 states the required “batching” accuracies. It should be noted that table 24 speaks to the batching accuracy and not to measurement accuracy of scales. Our proportioning method relies on mass and specific gravity. We calibrate each component by mass, and then we convert that mass back to a volume and proportion according to the volume. We then verify our calibration by a yield test where we confirm at minimum 1/10 of a truckload by volume. Our expected accuracy is at least 99% to 101% of design. Because concrete must be sold by cubic meters as required by CSA A23.1/14, every proportioning method must calculate the volume based on specific gravity. Our water is proportioned by volume and mass is calculated by that volume and admixtures are proportioned by volume.

Mixing Of Concrete


Macro-mixing is the process to ensure all the components of concrete are equally distributed through the “batch” of concrete. Macro-mixing occurs during our proportioning of concrete. For quality concrete, macro-mixing is essential to ensure every cubic foot of concrete not only contains the identical constituents, but that throughout it is ideally homogenized. Historically this is a concern with traditional mixing processes because mixing is dependent on the speed of agitation, the length of agitation and the quality of the agitation equipment. In many European countries – drum mixed concrete is being fazed out and being replaced with central mixed or dynamic mixed concrete. Our mixing method meets the criteria of wet batch plants. Mixing of concrete is critical for consistent concrete. Unlike traditional drum mixed concrete we have no risk of over mixing nor under mixing. With our dynamic mixing technology the mixing of concrete is always consistent. Because we proportion aggregates continuously, every single cubic foot of concrete is identical. Our proportioning method in essence is the macro-mixing of concrete – where accurate measures of rock, sand, cements, water, and admixtures are added simultaneously. As the components are being added the micro mixing begins.



Micro-mixing is the process whereby the cement components are combined with water and turned into a paste – that paste is then distributed to coat every single aggregate particle and the remainder of the paste is dispersed to complete the compaction. At the same time admixtures are evenly and accurately dispensed. The plasticizers come into contact with the cement particles and the dispersion (repelling) occurs. The air entrainment micro bubbles occur by friction. Our friction in our mixers is consistent, that means our air entrainment is consistent and tests have proven that our air void structure is ideal. The micro-mixing is what occurs in our mixing chambers and ensures that every single aggregate particle is coated with cement paste, admixtures including air entrainment are utilized consistently, and the final product is completely homogenous.

Quality Management

Quality Management is a verb – it is more than a document or goal, it is fully engrained in every aspect of our business. The largest component of concrete is the rock and sand, however the most variable component of concrete is the rock and sand because of variations in aggregate seams in the aggregate quarries.

Our process requires our operators to visually watch the aggregates, the cement, the water and the admixtures as they are dispensed. At the same time our operators are monitoring the concrete as it is produced.

Our materials are: inspected and tested by our producers, inspected by our full time aggregate haulers (they are not permitted to carry any product other than Concrete Genius products), inspected by our leaders, and inspected by each operator as the product is loaded onto our trucks. Each of our materials are certified by independent labs for the application. We test and mitigate for AAR, and build our product to meet our customers’ needs.

Quality management is provable by historical performance.

Historical Performance

Historical performance is a positive indicator of future performance. Our past performance with 3rd party testing and in-house testing (1000s in total) from all Concrete Genius locations utilizing this technology is as follows:

  • 2018 to date – 100%
  • 2017 – 100%
  • 2016 – 100%
  • 2015 – 100%
  • 2014 – 100%
  • 2013 – 100%
  • 2012 – 100%
  • 2011 – 100%

Future Performance

Assurance of future of performance is confidence in the producer. With a positive historical track record, a very good future performance is attainable, but only if the producer is willing and endeavors to manage every aspect of the business identical to the previous years. We are willing and we will. We have proven to our current customers and will prove that not only are we a reputable and reliable producer, but we will prove that our technology is superior and our product is superior to traditional processes.


Nu-Way Ready Mix's technology provides efficiencies that the entire project can realize. We have provided acres of concrete and saved customers like you up to 27% over traditional methods. Plus, producing concrete at rates where – quoting from real customers “it would take 2 batch plants to keep up with you”. Even in close proximity to existing batch plants we have been able to produce at rates faster that 15 and 20 large drums could deliver, with just 1 mixer and 3 people.

We hope you value having a partnership with a concrete producer who is capable of producing concrete in any region, at any capacity, for any duration with unparalleled quality and consistency.