Continuous Mixing Technology

Just as our customers have... You'll notice immediately that our continuous mixing technology produces concrete that:

  • Doesn't expire so you don’t have your crew standing around or end up being forced to use lower strength concrete that likely will cause problems down the road
  • Doesn't need to retemper with water so you are guaranteed less permeability, increased durability and longevity, decreased set times, and decreased mixer times… Because our concrete is produced exactly to the approved mix design at site the moment it is required
  • Only produces what you need. So...You only pay for exactly the amount you use (zero waste) so gone are the days of paying for 10% more than you end up using
  • Pumps as fast as you can spread it (exceeding rates of 70m3/h of continuous uninterrupted production of standard slump concrete from one truck) so you’ll be asking us to stop so your guys can have a break… which is a refreshing problem to have
  • Gives you fresh, high-quality concrete and you'll know thats what you're getting because you’ll see the difference in our slump and our testing results
  • Won't break your bank because it actually takes us less energy, man-power, time, and resources to produce because it's smarter technology

So you get the benefit of:

  • NO MORE rejection of loads
  • NO MORE expiration of loads at all
  • NO MORE dough-balls (also known as cement balls)
  • NO MORE inconsistent slump
  • NO MORE poor or inconsistent quality
  • NO MORE retempering with water (undesirable by industry and discouraged by CSA A23.1)
  • NO MORE batching errors
  • NO MORE pre-cast pieces from drums


Experts On Site With You

We can only be as good as the people who make up our business. Because of our continuous mixing technology, our team on site with you are the experts who produce the concrete, not just drivers. Meaning they cannot just hide 30km away, they have to look you in the eyes and build a high quality product.

As a result, our team trains relentlessly to perfect the craft they care so much about. You'll see the difference.

Part Of  The CONCRETE GENIUS™ Family

As part of the Concrete Genius family, Nu-Way Ready Mix gets exclusive access to the top continuous mixing technology on the planet as well as access to their team of experts.

Nu-Way Ready Mix is proud to have contributed to an unmatched performance of 100% for 8 consecutive years success rate on compression cylinders, slump and air tests  at all Concrete Genius locations (1000s of tests for each).

Watch Some Of The Projects This Technology Has Done...