High Quality Products And Materials To Exceed Your Expectations

Nu-Way Ready Mix supplies all general concrete exposure classes for all sizes of projects, a variety of specialty concretes. On top of that, it also supplies construction materials: masonry sand, rainbow rock, BC blue. ¾ inch gravel, pit run, clay, soil, bedding sand, ¾ inch wash rock, and 7mm chips for your projects.


You can rely on:

  • Performance: 100% for 8 consecutive years success rate on compression cylinders, slump and air tests. That’s consecutive third party testing with over 1000 cylinders, over 500 slump and air tests and everyone within design specifications. Add to that 1000’s of other in-house tests from our own lab and QC program. That’s performance you can count on!
  • No worry of over ordering, no waiting for balance loads, no measuring up, no hot spots or cold joints, and no expiring concrete. Best of all… No crew standing around waiting, which is money in your pocket.
  • Only pay for what you use: You can save 10% with no waste concrete. That can be over $20 / M3 back in your pocket - even more if you count your crew not waiting around on your dime.
  • Won't break your bank because it actually takes us less energy, manpower, and time to produce a high quality product because we use smarter technology. Wasteful technology wastes your money and your time - we don't.
  • Consistent, durable, reliable mixing with consistent accurate slump at speeds up to 85 m3/hr.
  • The most eco-friendly concrete mixing technology – Reduces CO2 emissions, saves water, reduces traffic congestion and wear on roads.
  • Proof: Nu-Way Ready Mix can provide references within any location we service supporting our claims of the best possible service and the best possible quality.


In addition to producing all exposure classes of general concrete, Nu-Way Ready Mix also produces a number of specialty concrete options such as:

  • Low and Ultra low Density fill 0.1 MPa to 12 MPa Ultra fill, insulating materials up to 80% air.
  • Poly-fibre reinforcing
  • Rapid Setting Products up to 20MPa in 90 minutes with 100 MPa ultimate strengths at 28 days
  • Chemical Resistant Concrete - Including type GU, MS, HS, HSb and HSe hydraulic cements
  • Shotcrete
  • Grouts
  • Low Alkali Cement with AAR mitigation
  • Low Shrinkage Co-efficient materials
  • High Early accelerating mix designs, designed to meet project specifications
  • Specialty mix designs and custom applications


Your trusted source for:

  • Masonry Sand
  • Rainbow Rock
  • BC Blue
  • 3/4" Gravel
  • Pit Run
  • Clay
  • Soil Bedding Sand
  • 3/4" Washed Rock
  • 7mm Chips